E-Cigarette Replacement Coils

What is coil resistance?

Coils use ohm's to measure their electrical resistance. You may have heard the term sub-ohm, which means the resistance is less than 1.0ohm and creates a much more intense vaping experience, whilst other standard coils are classed as anything above 1.0ohm, but generally between 1.5-2.8ohms. Sub-ohm coils will become hotter whilst being vaped, which in turn provides larger amounts of vapour and more intense flavour from your e-liquid. They are also associated with DL (direct lung) vaping, where you inhale directly into your lungs in order to produce clouds of vapour. Sub-ohm coils can also consume more e-liquid than standard coils, which is due to the additional heat and vapour produced.

Standard coils offer vapers a cooler vaping experience which is not as intense, and better suited to those who wish to use e-liquids containing higher amounts of nicotine. They are also often associated with MTL (mouth to lung) vaping, which more closely mimics the sensation of smoking.

It is important to choose the right e-liquid to go with your e-cig coil. Sub-ohm coils prefer a lower nicotine content, but a higher VG content. Standard coils are better off when used with higher nicotine e-liquid which contains more PG, in order to closely simulate the experience of smoking.

How long do coils last?

E-cig coils are considered to be a consumable item, they will degrade with usage and require a replacement in order to keep your e-cig in normal working condition. There are varying factors to consider when it comes to replacing an e-cig coil, such as the amount you vape, the resistance of the coil, power settings that are used and even the type of e-liquid being vaped. If you use your e-cigarette all the time (usually classed as a heavy vaper), then you may have to replace the coil once per week, intermediate vapers who only take 2-4 draws with each frequent use may need to replace the coil every two weeks, while light vapers who use their e-cig occasionally,
may only have to replace the coil once every month.

Coil lifespan is hard to determine as each vaper is different, you can usually tell when the coil is due to be replaced when a noticeable reduction in flavour is received, you experience a burnt taste or vapour is no longer produced.

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